911 Polution Solutiion

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The event of 9-11-2001 at NY City’s World Trade Center has caused so much pain to the USA and the world. My prayers go out for all the families and workers who were killed in this tragic happening. I personally never want to forget what happened. If any surviving families members of the ones who were lost are reading this know that my heart goes out to you and that I do not want your family members to have died in vain or to be ever forgotten.

I remember the shock I felt that day when I saw it happening on the TV. Everyone else was just as shocked as I was. I kept thinking how something good just has to happen to make this tragedy have meaning in our lives something that will lift us all up. I made myself a sign and put it on my car that said “Jesus said Love Your Enemy” it was the only thing I knew to do that could express to the world how I felt. In my rear view mirror I could see people waving at me and couples pointing at my sign and kissing and laughing and smiling.

The days after the Twin Towers fell and planes were downed I kept noticing the sky and how blue it was and how sweet and fresh the air outside smelled. I knew for sure that is was because of the planes not flying.

A few months later I heard Yoko Ono’s new release of “Give Peace A Chance” she mentioned in the song how blue the sky was after the 911 attack on the World Trade Center. I was so glad that someone had noticed this.

I feel the blue sky was the gift that the people who died gave to us and I would like to insist that we consider making 911 a day of remembrance by not driving or flying on the day 9-11.

I have been putting this idea out there since it happened. I am not going to stop putting out this idea until the world has heard. I think if the world were to get behind this idea and could see how blue the sky and sweet the air really  is when planes aren’t flying and cars are not driving then we could all fully  the loss of life. The time not traveling could be spent walking somewhere, or doing yard work to make your personal surrounding more beautiful while you breathe is the fresh air and enjoy how blue the sky really is.

Also I want to point out that oxygen is the most basic of nutrients; we can go a couple of weeks without food, several days with out water but, we can only live a few moments without oxygen. Oxygen is something that heals the body. Imagine how good it would be for all life forms on this world So in memorance of the ones who were lost in the tragedy of 911 let us make something good happen out of that fateful day of blue skies and fresh air. Thank you for reading this.

Lisa Roberts


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