5 Reasons to go out with a geek

Do you know that cute boy from the technical department who stutters each time when he sees you? We know, although he is about 30 years old, he seems as naive as he was in the first day of school. “He’s not my type”, you’ll say immediately; but why not?

If there were trends in dating as there are in fashion, the last revelation could be: “It’s chic to go out with a geek”; but why this? -Because the former “nerds” from high school evolve! They don’t break hearts; they open the door regularly and know how to fix your computer! And with a little luck, they develop some muscle like Russell Crowe in “A beautiful mind”.

Want more reasons? Here are some:

The geek is checked! In 9 of 10 cases you are dealing with the best of good guys. Even if he would sit all day long with his nose in the keyboard, he will never forget to call you, he won’t be late and he won’t bother you. Do you think you can resist to so much normality?

It is taking again and again about the technological revolution … Well, than it’s all perfect: goodbye to stress caused by handling all the gadgets that, although they are designed to make our life easier, can easily causes us a real crisis of nerves. So stay calm! Your new lover is able to fix/ improve/ install/ dismantled all that is about technology.

There are rumors that say that the mind would be the most erogenous area of a woman. In this case, you have a guaranteed orgasm. Why? Because your “nerd” is very intelligent! Help him to fight against his emotions, because from the moment he will be able to end his phrases, there are big chances to not stop yourselves from taking!

Their memory is another important asset. Do you still remember the bad guy who made you loose your head, but who haven’t even remember when your birthday is? Well, you can be sure that you won’t go through something like that again!

I can’t submit a personal testimony, but from my friends stories say that these types of lovers are true revelations. It is said that the famous erotic guide, Kama Sutra, was written by a virgin. Very plausible! It’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss: a man with a well trained erotic imagination, willing to do anything to satisfy you!


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