The Emma Watson Naked and Bikini Pictures Craze

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With the growing popularity of the Harry Potter movies the characters in the series see their fame grow daily to astounding proportions. As they get older more and more of the interest seems to be focused on the romance situations both on and off the screen. The actors and actresses that started off as young children are now becoming adults and sex symbols to some in the process. Here recently there has been a Emma Watson naked and bikini pictures craze sweeping the internet.

So exactly how did this Emma Watson naked and bikini pictures craze come to be in the first place. Well apparently here within the last couple years there has been a rash of images hit the search engines of the young actress in swimwear and this has been put in a provacative light by some individuals.

While I do think that she is a rather attractive young lady the fact that so many people are searching for Emma Watson naked and bikini pictures strikes me as a bit disturbing for several reasons. One such reason is that her appearance is that of a younger girl so it makes the whole situation weird in my opinion. Another reason is that she is an actress on a children’s movie and that alone puts off a creepy vibe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend of individuals searching for Emma Watson naked and bikini pictures continues to increase as the films get more popular closer to the end of the series. Also the older the characters get the more they will see an increase in this sort of attention.

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