Spectacular Lakes in the Philippines

Here are the 12 most remarkable lakes in the Philippines.

Lake Lanao: Lanao del Sur


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One of the largest lakes in the Philippines is Lake Lanao or Ranaw. It is counted as one of the 15 ancient lakes in

the world. Itis located in the country’s southern island of Mindanao with a surface area of 340 km² or 131 square

miles. It is the largest lake in Mindanao, and the second largest lake in the Philippines.

Lake Venado: North Cotabato


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The spectacular Lake Venado is the highest lake in the Philippines. It is an endorheic lake located at the foot of

Mount Apo in the province of North Cotabato with an estimated surface elevation of 7,200 feet (2, 194 meters

above sea level). The lake is feed by local run-off and there is no outflow from the lake. The lake usually loses

two-thirds of its size during dry months due to evaporation.

Taal Lake: Batangas


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One of the most popular lakes in the country is no other than the Taal Lake. It is a freshwater lake situated within

a caldera formed by very large eruptions between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago. The active Taal Volcano,

which is the one responsible for the lake’s sulfuric content, lies on an island in the center of the lake. Its most

popular endemic species is the over-harvested tawilis, the world’s only freshwater sardine, making it a bizarre

lake. Taal Lake is also home to one of the world’s rarest sea snakes, Hydrophis semperi. This particular species

is only one of two “true” sea snake species that are known to live entirely in freshwater.

Lake Caliraya: Laguna


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The impressive Lake Caliraya is a man-made lake located in Laguna approximately 1,200 feet above sea level,

and is perched high in the Sierra Madre. The lake experiences cool climate all year round. The lake is a favorite

haven for water skiing enthusiasts.

Lake Buhi: Camarines Sur


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Lake Buhi is a unique tropical lake serving as home of the world’s smallest edible commercial fish – the Sinarapan

(Mistichthys luzonensis). It is a lake found in Camarines Sur, Philippines and has an area of 18 square kilometers

and has an average depth of 8 meters. The lake lies in the valley formed by two ancient volcanoes, Mt. Iriga and

Mt. Malimas. It was created in 1641, when an earthquake caused a side of Mt. Iriga to collapse. The resulting

landslide created a natural dam that blocked the flow of nearby streams. Another theory suggests that it was

created by the eruption of Mt. Asog which is now dormant.

Lake Mainit: Surigao del Sur/Agusan del Norte


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The captivating Lake Mainit is a popular tourist destination in Agusan. Windsurfing is one of the most famous

activities in this popular lake. Lake Mainit, a freshwater lake, is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines,

measuring over 150 km². It is located in northeastern part of Mindanao and shared between the provinces of

Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Norte. It has a surface area of 17,340 ha, with an average depth of 128 m, a

maximum depth of 223 m and a surface elevation of 27 meters.

Laguna de Bay: Laguna/Rizal


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One of the most popular and economically important lakes in the Philippines is Laguna de Bay. Laguna de Bay or

Lake of Bay is commonly called as “Laguna Lake” – the largest lake in the Philippines and the third largest

freshwater lake in Southeast Asia (in terms of surface area) after Tonle Sap in Cambodia and Lake Toba in

Indonesia. Its surface area is 949 square kilometers and has an average depth of only about 2 meters. The lake

is shaped like a stylized “W’” with two peninsulas jutting out from the northern shore. Between these peninsulas,

the middle lobe fills a large volcanic caldera. Laguna de Bay drains to Manila Bay via the Pasig River. The lake is

filled with fish pens installed by fishermen who regularly fish there.

Lake Danao: Leyte


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The unique guitar-shaped Lake Danao is covering an area of 148 hectares in the island of Leyte. The area

around it is the 2,193-hectare Lake Danao National Park, which also includes the Amandiwin mountain range.

Bulusan Lake: Sorsogon


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One of the most beautiful lakes in the Philippines with a breathtaking view is Bulusan Lake in Sosogon. It is

nicknamed as the “Switzerland of the Orient. Bulusan Lake lies at the heart of the National Park which covers a

land area of 3,672 hectares. The view of Bulusan volcano at the background and the lake at the foreground

retains much of its pristine environment due to the absence of modern development.

Lake Sebu: South Cotabato


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The beautiful Lake Sebu is located in South Cotabato within the Alah Valley region. It is one of the country’s most

important watersheds. The villages around the lake have been turned into an independent municipality called

Lake Sebu after being a former village of Surallah.

Sampaloc Lake: Laguna


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San Pablo City is known as the “City of Seven Lakes” and it is the location of Sampaloc Lake. It is one of the

seven lakes which make San Pablo City famous. The lake can be viewed from the city hall. There is a park at the

lakeside which is a favorite for dog lovers as they use the area to show off their pets. Some canines can be seen

here doing tricks which include diving and swimming in the lake.

Lake Pinatubo: Pampanga/Tarlac/Zambales


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The magnificent Lake Pinatubo is the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo in the boundaries of Tarlac, Zambales and

Pampanga. It is about 90 km (55 miles) north of the capital Manila. The place and surrounding area is now one of

the most favorite destinations of both local and foreign tourists.

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