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So with the summer looming up, and everyone getting ready to show off their bodies, here are some simple tips on how to keep your body looking its best.

Well, there are tons and tons of dieting plans out there, from only eating soup to not eating carbs. But finding one that actually works is tough, and people often forget the essentials. While reading you may think, well dhur – common sense, but with the hustle of daily life, they are often overlooked.

First off, drink lots of water. Our body needs water to function properly – with our blood being 90% water andwater-glass-pour.jpg our brains being 85%, it just goes to show how dangerous dehydration can be. Thirst is often not a good indication of dehydration and can be malfunctioned into hunger. So make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This does not mean you sit there with a huge bottle and gulp it down all at once, fruits ands juices also count – adding to your necessary vitamins and minerals too. Drinking plentiful of water will make you feel full up and also keep your skin looking radiant

As well as drinking, make sure you are eating. Sounds pretty weird. But if you’re starving yourself, which will only result in feeling even hungrier and then a binge eating session, leaving you with eating more than your necessary calorie rate. Don’t skip meals because that will just mean you’re more likely to eat more in the next, and also lowers your performance levels.

Exercise is also an important way to keep the calories low. This does not mean you need to run off and join the gym. Simply walking rather than taking the car out or taking the stairs rather than the lift are easy ways of loosing those excess calories. 60 minutes of active movement will keep those calorie counts down.

Nibble on fruits. The time from one meal to another can seem daunting and it is often very tempting to each for a crisp or a chocolate bar. Pieces of fruit will not only add to your 5 a day but will also keep your hunger levels down until the next meal.

Another tip is to plan your meals. Make sure you know where you’re going to eat your meals that day. That way you won’t be tempted to nip down to the near McDonald. If necessary, take in a sandwich into work/school. Also, make sure you have the right ingredients for a meal at home so you don’t need to order something. Homemade food is a lot healthier than a take away.

So there you have it – some really simple tips to help you on your way. Remember that a diet is meant to be an every day thing, so try and make these tips a habit rather than a one-month tryout. Good luck 😉


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