Leadership and Needs

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Is there anybody who doesn’t like this word?

Answer will be YES

If your answer is YES, we can reckon that your have experienced this term in wrong way or may be you never tasted it.

If your answer is NO…… then u can be categorized in one of the following possible

1. He\she like the power or recognition

2.  He\she possesses inbuilt qualities of Leadership

The following discussion will be for those whose answer is NO …….

Not for YES because we cant change an individual’s opinions unless until ready to listen or ready to share

Lead …… such a powerful term, in-depth of this power responsibility and VISION is involved

After conducting a lot of experiments EDISON succeeded in inventing bulb. One fine day when he had finished   with his experiment he called his servant and asked him to place that bulb in a safe place. While carrying the bulb it slipped out from servant’s hand. Servant committed a blunder because it should be in museum for next generation. EDISON didn’t utter a word rather smiled at him and started working again.

We might think what’s great in that

Once again when he is done with the experiment, he called the same servant to place the bulb again in a safe place.

This is called LEADERSHIP

EDISON has confidence in himself and also TRUST on servant.

Here when I say confidence he believes in himself and knows the fact that he can do the experiment any number of times and TRUST gives confidence and internal responsibility. That’s why trust is a major factor in any team work

Leading involves vision which I believe is the basic qualification to become a leader and only with that vision Mahatma Gandhi became father of our Nation. Nelson Mandela never lost his vision in 28 yrs in all the time he spent in jail as a part of freedom fight

Vision involves …….Pivotal, Commitment, Punctuality, Adaptability, listening skills, Detachment.

Pivotal…..for every vision/project there will be some fundamentals and as a leader you not only have to follow those fundamentals but also have to follow your basic fundamentals as a human being. For any failure you are responsible……. You are only responsible. Taking up responsibility is a big commitment

But for SUCCESS it has to be given for your team……..and only your team

Example: In cricket when Australia wins world cup its team work but when it loses it is the captain’s fault and it is his strategy that went wrong and only he is responsible for it

Commitment ……….. It doesn’t mean that you have to think about your project 24/7. It means spending quality time in project especially with your team. As a leader if you’re committed your team will support u automatically and u need not motivate them any further. Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination and when you come out of imagination your work is done and with full pace 

Candle is best example for commitment.

Punctuality…………reaching on time is not punctual. Completing the work on time is punctuality. Every project has to be completed in a stipulated time

The day 1 when we entered the world right from food to studies, games, entertainment movies etc … and even our stay in mother’s womb has also a time bound which is only 9 months.

Time is that precious

Adaptability………moulding us as per the situation and converting it in to our strength, this is where we have to be quick. Come what may we have to utilise as per the requirement and lead the team. All this cannot be achieved alone and we have to listen to our colleagues and our team members.

Listening Skills…………this is one of the major and main quality each leader should posses. To overcome any obstacle or to predict listening skills is more important.

Listening to colleagues will help you out in not repeating the mistakes which are done already by some other team and listening to team members  will help u a lot and U will get to know what exactly is happening in your team and in which direction your team is heading. They can suggest you changes which may help in project.

Go through any success story their core quality will be listening

Last but not the least Detachment

Detachment………… it majorly plays on subconscious mind. When we are taking up a new project we have to be very careful and be sure that we are not being carried away by the success of our previous project which affects the all above factors which we discussed earlier

We have to be very detached to the previous project whether it is failure or success before starting new project

                        In one line…….. LEADER SHOULD BE A SOLDIER


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