WiI Sports – Oui for Wii Sports!

The Nintendo Wii Sports Video Game comes free with the Nintendo Wii. This game is great fun and contains 5 different games which are boxing, bowling, golf, tennis and baseball which you play with your Mii which is a mini version of yourself which makes the game all the more entertaining.

I will write about the individual games:

Boxing: Boxing is the hardest game and involves a lot more physical effort. This is the only game where you need the nunchuk and you punch the air while holding your controllers.

Bowling: Bowling is really fun and once you get used to it quite easy. This is really fun and can be played multiplayer with one controller.

Golf: Golf is a bit boring in my opinion to start off with but once you practise it gets quite good. You just swing the controller like a golf club for a practice shot but when you want to take the shot swing the controller while pressing A.

Tennis: Tennis is my favourite game because I find it very easy all you have to do is use the controller like a tennis racket.

Baseball: Baseball is also very fun but is hard to start off with.

On all of games you have a level and whenever you play you get higher or lower and as your level increases the harder the game gets to make it more of a challenge. For example in Tennis your opponent gets better when you gets better which is great because it means the game has got great replay value.

You can also do training which is a bit like mini games for each sport. For example in golf there is a target practice game where you have to hit the ball into a scoring zone and the better the shot the better your score.

All in all Wii Sports is a great game but I can’t suggest you buy it because it comes with the Wii anyway and it is really fun multiplayer playing against your mates!

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