IVRS Based Power Failure Registration System

IVRS Based Power Failure Registration System


The objective of this project is to inform the power failure to EB station automatically using power line communication if any one of the house power is fail. This system will generate the house address to the EB panel board for to inform this power fail using interactive voice response (IVRS).

In this project we will use embedded system to do this operations.

This entire project split into two major sections, one is place on terminal equipment that placed on subscriber area another one is central base kit that is placed on EB station.

When the power fail is occur in any one of the house or industries that corresponding subscriber kit send the power fail message to this EB station with the help of power line communication. We are using the micro controller to do all this things. The subscriber kit consist of Atmel 89c51 mc, 2*16 LCD Display, power line encoder, Power fault indicator.

This Central base kit is received this power failure message and it inform that power fail information and subscriber address on that LCD display and generate the voice response form this speaker. This IVRS kit consist of APR 9600 voice module, it can generate this voice message. at this same time it display  power failure on that  panel board.  We are using the micro controller to do all this things. The central base kit consist of Atmel 89c51 mc, APR 9600 IC, 2*16 LCD display and power line decoder.

When this power fail is correct then it inform this power recover information to this EB station by this LCD display and sound indication. This panel board also indicates this corresponding power recover.

In the micro controller the program will be written on the assembly language program on booth side.


Embedded System and Power Line Communication.

Base Technology:

Digital Logic, Micro Controller (8051) based embedded technology, Power line communication, APL programming.


  • Less operating power
  • Low cost to design
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduced the man power


  • Multiple device monitoring and controlling
  • Multiple machine fault identification on Industries

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