Solar Tracking System

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Solar Tracking System

Now days the solar power is almost indispensable.  With increasing usage of the solar power one it is essential power generation is charged every now and then. Sometimes we does not have EB power from our home there is no electricity for our home. In such situations we have to think of other means of recover the power from solar panel. The popular suggestions in this regard generate the power from solar Tracking System, solar power generator chargers the power and specially designed for deriving power from batteries and so on.

However we have designed to develop project work that can be used for charging the battery in the case of absence of any other power source except the solar power. During the daytime when we get solar power from the sun we can use this system to provide the power even in a forest area where there is no other facility than the sunlight.

The design consists of a single solar panel and a reverse blocking circuit and a battery. This Solar panel is tracked by vertical 180degree and also tracked by horizontal 360-degree synchronous motor. Micro controller 89c51, 2*16 LCD Display.

The solar power harnessed by the solar panel is used to charge the battery and the battery drives the further electronic circuit that charges the battery.


1. Cost effective when mass-produced.

2. Compact in size.

3. Does not require any auxiliary power source other that solar light.

4.  Hence long life, zero running cost and noise free.


  1. Exclusively meant for power generation.
  2. However the system can be used for charging any other electronic instrument that uses a similar battery but meant for other applications.

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