Some Very Strange Hobbies

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One of my most popular sayings of all time is there are things that you need to know and things you don’t want to know in life. I’m sure there are things about individuals out there that are best left kept in the privacy of their own homes. But here today we are gonna talk about some very strange hobbies that people do around the world.

The first thing that I want to discuss is some personal experiences from people that I’ve known throughout my life. There was a guy that I went to school with and he had one of the more strange hobbies that I can recall every hearing about in all honesty. Every time he would visit someone’s house this man would try to sneak into the bedroom and steal their underwear. He literally had trash bags full of other people’s underwear at his home.

In all the various spots around the world some of the most bizarre and strange hobbies involve sex and sexual situations. One such instance is in Japan where there is a man that collects full size sex dolls. He pretty much has an entire apartment full of these fake women and closets full of their clothing to match. If ever somebody needed to be told to get a life this was the individual.

I remember a few years back hearing about a man here in the United States that had a very disgusting habit that would certainly be considered one of the most strange hobbies by a mile. This person had the desire to collect other people’s used condoms. He worked at a dump and would dig through the trash to find such used items.


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