Why homeschool is better than public school

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Homeschool is something that not all people prefer to take. They might think that they are not in contact with their freinds and it is boring. Others think that you are not in contact with people they dont like at school and they feel more comfortable and safer at home. People have their own opinions but not all have a preference.

Starting and Ending the Day: Public schools start early in the morning when you feel like not bieng disturbed. Time varys at different locations but my school started at 7:45 a.m. I would have to wake up at 5:30 to 6:00 and leave at about 7:00 to get to the bus. In the morning, you would have to get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, dress, make your hair, eat, gather supplies for the day and the rest of the stuff. That is a lot of things to do there but homeschool makes these everday tasks available to complete at any time of the day. You get up whenever you want so that you will feel refreshed in the morning and functioning well. You dont have to take a shower right away, only when you feel like it. You eat whenever you feel hungry, not by schedule and your hair dont have to be the way you like them, why do you need to make myself look good when nobody is there to see me?

Learning: In public schools, you are always judged by other people whether it is the students or even teachers. They will judge you about your clothes, ethnicity, style, religion and grades. It seems that some people just need to have drama in their life and cant live without it. Now in homeschool, there is nobody that can judge you or start any problems between you and someone else just because they want to. Homeschool lets you be yourself without being interupted by school problems and that drama that a lot of people can’t handle. I hate the problems that happen at school. Fights, cursing and hating. A lot of people are so rude a lot of the times. I don’t like going to school knowing that the person I dislike the most is going to be there again. In homeschool, you are in the saftey of your home with nobody to bother you and interupt your education.

Homeschool allows one to focus and get away from all of the distractions and problems of public school. One can work how and when they want. Homeschool is better than public school because students learn from other students. There are a lot of bad examples in school and if you are not in contact with those horrible kids, you will not learn from them thus keeping you from joining the “Dark Side”. You dont have any limits to what you can learn, Give it a chance take homeschool, you’ll see the difference.


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