Make a living income by blogging. At least $800 a month

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Many people around the world making their living income from internet. One of excellent income source in internet is blogging.
So i am going to tell you how to do it.

Things you need.

1. WordPress – wordpress is a open source script that is used by almost all bloggers around the world. you can know more about it on

2. Domain Name – Domain is website url that u need to make a website. so you have to register a domain name to make a blog of your own. you may register a domain from or

3. Hosting – Hosting is a spece for you in a webserver to put your website files. So that people will be able to see your site. you can get a hosting from or

So lets move to make a blog

once you have done the last 2 steps i mentioned, now you have a hosting and domain name so just loging to you hosting control panel then click fantastico there you will see the list of scripts you may want to install. Now choose wordpress and follow the instruction shown there. when done installation then you have your blog up and running.

Now just download a choosen template free from and install it.

Now login to wordpress admin panel and start writing blogs.

Be creative and write atleast 1 blog per day. you have to keep writing blogs under some good niche unless you have 20-30 post and some visitors.

Now get ready to start earning money. you can Earn from you blog by two main ways.

1. Advertising (CPA,CPC,CPM)

Many websites pay you to put their ads on your site and you will get paid on once someone click on ads(cpc) or if someone click and but any product(CPA) or if you just put the ad on your blog.

CPC program –

CPM program –

CPA program –

i just earn around $600 per month from advertising

2. Sponsored Post

Some websites pay you to write about something they want anf you have to put a link on the post they give you. and you can earn $5-$25 per post dephending on the blog quality and the web site you are working for.

I earn about $750 in a month by doing sponsored post with several sites. some of this site is given here under and many more just search on google

So best of luck with your bloging and earning.


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