Give a perfect facial

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You’re going to be amazed by how simple this is. Your first step is to pull your hair off your face you can do a pony tail or use a headband.

Now wash your face with a very mild cleanser. Use water as warm as you can take it to really open those pours. Don’t forget to do your neck. A lot of people forgot to cleanse their neck along with face. The neck needs attention too.

Time to exfoliate. You’re going to be using baking soda. Baking soda is absolutely great at taking off dead skin.

Make a paste with baking soda and a face lotion. Make enough for your face, neck and a even layer. Leave on your face for no longer then 5 minutes, no longer then 5 minutes because baking soda will irritate your skin. When you take this paste off your face use cool water and pet dry. You’ll notice a complete difference. Your skin will look so much youthful and brighter.

Make a cup of green tea let it cool.

***you can make your tea ahead of time

When finish take the green tea, tea bags and put them on your eyes leave them on there for 3-5 minutes.Drinking green tea is also good for your skin, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. Next add toner to your face.

After the toner dries add oil-free moisturizer then you’re done!

You can repeat this twice a week. You should notice right away how smoothe and light your skin looks just from a home made facial.


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