getting past failed expectations in marriage

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How many of us got married and then decided that we will change the things we don’t like about our spouse? Reality check: You cannot change your spouse, only God. We have to understand that having to high expectations on your spouse can have you wanting a divorce, or infidelity. 

First understand what your spouse needs from you. Does she need that touch from you to feel loved? Does he need you to look your best in order for him to feel loved? Find out their need first. They will be glad to share that information with you.Tell your spouse what you expected from them. Things change over time so what he might have liked 5 years ago might have changed. Do you know that he likes you to wear high heels instead of flats? Did she tell you that she did not want to be a stay at home mother anymore? Always get updates from your spouse even if you don’t like what they are telling you.Come to a agreement on what you are willing to change or what will be a challenge to them. If your spouse isn’t willing to change, that’s ok. Just love them even more. Be the initiator in your marriage and give your spouse what they need even if they aren’t willing to change for you.

Just keep loving your spouse and setting a healthy example to them. Then over time they will come around and respond to what you need from them. Be consistent!If your spouse never change, sorry! You must sacrifice for your spouse. Your job is to love and take care of them for the rest of your married life. We always do things that is not pleasing to God, but he still loves us and take care of us anyway!


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