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Discipline is a hard thing to explain, but its use in life can prove incredibly useful. It is seen as taking a step to leadership, a mindset for professionalism, and an overall vehicle for forwarding one’s life.

In a nutshell, discipline means to train the mind to function a certain way. You can see the word ‘disciple’ is in the word, but we’re not talking about making you a follower of someone or putting yourself on the line of getting screamed at in this article. Instead, it’s a matter of learning how to take better command of the things in your life that do indeed require… You guessed it… Discipline.

The trick is that the mind learns through repetition. If you keep it up, your body adjusts to the change, your mindset will adjust as well. As well, it can be used in almost any situation in life, whether it is budgeting, work life, personal integrity, etc.

Let’s make a random example…


Fox and Hound have a bad track of keeping their sleep in check, and it’s compromising their jobs because they end up frequently late and they get sluggish. They could go on and complain that things aren’t going their way, increasing the risk of losing the job, or they can put emotions aside and do something about it.

  • The first (and most appropriate) thing to do is to get proper sleep, because that alone is a health issue and is a supplement to the attitudes that Fox and Hound have. The best way to resolve this is to take care of things the night before having to wake up, not only because they make your more tired and ready for bed, but now you can get more rest. On top of that, always schedule your alarm correctly and obey it as the time to get up.

Fox decides to put off showering for the night and set his alarm for 7AM, but doesn’t go to bed until about midnight to go play some games. Hound takes a shower and also sets his alarm for 7AM, and goes to bed at the ripe time of 10PM. When the buzzer rings, Fox hits the snooze button because he wants more sleep and he’s groggy. Hound on the other hand immediately gets out of bed, only slightly groggy, and goes to prepare a good breakfast. About ten minutes or so, Fox’s alarm goes off, and then he decides to get up, remembering he has to shower now.

Hound is already finished with breakfast, and has a half-hour to spare. He makes a fresh lunch to take to work with his time, and goes to take the commute to get to work much earlier. Fox on the other hand just finished showering and he has to prepare breakfast. He grabs a junky snack bar to replace a full breakfast and hustles to get going to work. How nutritious.

  • Next on the list, one can utilize discipline not just for the self but with others. This is especially important if you are on your way to a career path.

Hound made it to work just about 10 minutes early. He wouldn’t mind being home relaxing but he knows his job comes first. Without a job there is no home to relax in, he recalls. Instead, he relaxes before clock-in. During work hours, his supervisor asks him to help with a detail, and obediently, he moves to do the task. He asks questions to make sure he does his job right, and does his best to do so. As he does his job, his coworkers ask for his help, but he politely refuses because he is already doing something, and suggests that he will help after he is done working.

Fox on the other hand has a noticeable grimace on his face, showing how tired and unhappy he is. Already his peers are wondering what happened to him, even snickering and laughing. And of course, the boss isn’t too happy with his professional take. When asked to do something he groans and mumbles, and already the peers are considering firing him. Why are they paying someone who won’t do the job to the best? There’s probably someone out there willing to work harder than even Hound just to have that job.

  • Discipline can even be used in subjects besides intra- or inter-personal reasons. Food and finances are great examples, and having discipline to control the money you earned or the food you eat could aid to a better life of ease. Imagine having enough money saved to buy healthier food!

Hound was fortunate to have made his own breakfast of fresh cold cuts. He spent nothing for the day to bring with him lunch that he paid for days earlier. Fox on the other hand goes out to the burger joint every day to pick up a meal, effectively sapping $5 out of his money for unhealthier food. Never mind the $5 that could have been his being lost every day, he’s depreciating his own health (as well as the money needed to maintain it).

Now assume this goes on for a while now. Hound already got a promotion for his job because of how he proved himself to his job, and he is in much better stead with his finances and health. Fox lost his job, because they found someone more willing to do the job, and he’s back to the grind looking for a job yet again. Why? Because Hound took control and decided to make the difference. Fox just went about aimlessly with no guidance to keep him on the right track.


Again, there are far more applications you can train your mind to do for the better. Learn to train your mind and take charge of what you do. You can even get someone to help you out. Discipline doesn’t have to mean getting yelled at or punished. It helps as a way to make the mind work under pressure and learn, but you don’t want to go that far.

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