Avoiding baby mama/daddy drama

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Are you struggling with your child’s mother? father? Didn’t know that they were that crazy, huh? That’s what happens when you sleep with someone who is not you’re spouse. (Smile) These steps will help you alleviate MOST of you’re drama, not all of you’re drama. Stay with me:

Never let them know that you have moved on and have someone else in you life, (unless you’re married) that will give them another reason to come around unnoticed talking about “I just want to see my child.”  Stop having sex! You’re wanting to move on with your life don’t “hook up” with them because you was in the mood. The next morning the two of you will argue again and then you wonder why the drama will not end. Stop sending mixed signals… If you have friends who like to start drama, cut them loose! As soon as they see what’s going on with your drama they tell you “I wouldn’t take that if i was you, retaliate!” Causing more drama in your life even when they are gone home and doing their own thing.

TRY to keep the peace. Your child does not need to see mom and dad arguing and cursing each other out. When they know what gets under your skin, they will keep doing that until they can get a response out of you. Then the two of you are fighting again…

No physical fighting! If so call the police.
Having his child will not keep him with you. In most cases it drives him further away from you because he “conquered you.”


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