How to Integrate a Foreign Language in your Daily Life

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  1. Read news in your new language. When you are having your morning coffee, instead of your usual news portal choose one in the language that you are learning. Even better, if you also see short videos. Make it a daily habit, and very soon you will not even notice that the language is different.
  2. Install some of the programs in that language and enrich your IT-related dictionary.
  3. On the way to work, listen a new leson or simply radio in the mp3 player.
  4. Sing along! Find lyrics of your favorite and learn in by heart, or make a karaoke party with your colleagues from language courses.
  5. Find courses that you enjoy. I have myself been skipping lessons with boring teachers, while for some other classes I was waiting impatiently the whole week, and after the class waiting again. Many courses offer trial lessons. So try first!
  6. Find friends online. There are a few portals that offer language exchange for free, e.g., LiveMocha.
  7. If you can, travel to the country. If you cannot, watch movies and talk to people; get to know not only the words, but also the traditions, cuisine, the history and the present issues.
  8. Read books. You might find adapted books for easy reading in your library or online. Otherwise, depending on your level, choose books for kids or stories with more dialogs and short sentences.
  9. Join live language exchange groups. The websites depend on your country and city; use search engines to find such groups in your city. If no groups exist, you can post what you are looking for on a notice board in a library or university.

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