How Coffee effects the brain and the body

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We all know that a cup of coffee can get you spiked, Must of the kids allways want to drink coffee to feel like an adult or just resemble their parents but are usually not allowed to. even thou it never tastes good when you are a child. I remember that i hated the taste but i still i wanted to try it and was offcourse never allowed to and never got a reason why. except fore – this is fore grown up´s Here is an explanation fore those who want to know.

What Coffee does to the brain

it increses the reaktion ability, chases away the sleep and makes us think much clearer. This is beacuse of the material that coffee containes – Koffein. You can find koffein in coffee of course but allsow in Te, Coca cola and Dark chocolate.

Koffein increases the energy level of the brain and elevates the halts of the signalsubstans Dopaminand Serotonin in the brains central nervsystem. Dopamin is necessary for us in order to move and effectively coordinate our movements, at the sametime this signal substance plays a vital part in regulation of our
emotions and temperamet.

The body

EvenSerotoninhas a positive effect on the temperament. Many athletes take a dose of koffein before their sports performence. now if koffein in reality increases the stamina is debateable, however some scientists say that koffein stimulates and releases the bodies own painkilling substances such as Endorphins, and hormons that changes the perception of pain.

Now you know why children should not drink coffee, they will not sleep but instead bounce around like pinballs.

Thank you for reading.


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