Setting up Xbox Live on the Xbox 360

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So… You say you bought an Xbox 360. Fantastic!
You will love your new purchase, but in order to truly
enjoy online gaming you will first have to be connected to
the wonderful world of Xbox Live.

First you will have to decide, do you plan on using a wired or wireless
connection? If you are using a wired connection, you must connect the
Xbox to your router via Ethernet cable. If you are using a wireless connection
you will have to purchase the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.

The wireless setup is a bit more difficult to set up compared to the wired
connection, but this guide should make it easy enough. First you want to
hook up the adapter to the area on the back of the Xbox 360, there is an
area set up just for this purpose and it should click in easily enough. Now
you must hook up the USB cord connected to the adapter. Just plug it in to
the USB port next to the area you hooked up the adapter and then make
sure that the antenna is vertical.

If you decide on a wired setup instead, all you have to do is connect an
Ethernet cable to your router and the back of the Xbox 360. Simple!

If you already have a gamer profile, the Xbox Live screen should show.
If not, creating a profile will be easy and straightforward.

Now, turn on the 360 and navigate your way to the network options on
system tray. Go through the network options until you get to the
“Edit Settings” area. Your network name (ESSID) should appear as an
available network, if so select itand if there is a password you will have
to enter it in order to connect.

Now, you should be ready to play with your friends via Xbox Live!


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