The Different Kinds of Kisses

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One of the best joys in life is sharing everything with someone special that you care about and being happy as a couple. After some time is spent there will come a point in relationships where individuals want to get closer to each other on several different levels. Here today we are gonna discuss several different kinds of kisses because that’s usually one of the most basic forms of intimacy.

The very first of the different kinds of kisses for us to discuss is that often awkward first time kiss. This is usually when it happens for the first time on a date as a young person. It’s often mentioned that young people especially girls spend so much time dreaming about the first romantic kiss and it usually ends up as a disappointment due to inexperience.

Alright so next up I want to talk about the new love phase when discussing the different kinds of kisses. Once that awkward beginning part of the relationship is over with then most likely the new love phase will come into play. In some situations individuals will fall head over heels into love after weeks or a few months of dating. This can often be seen in some real steamy and passionate kiss and makeout sessions. Here you will see more holding each other and deeper french style kissing in general.

One final point to discuss here today is the rough and experienced kissing style which is of the more advanced kinds of kisses. Most often these will be found during foreplay or even in the middle of steamy sex. Usually little nibbles and bites on the skin and lips will be mixed in with each kiss. The abandon of rules is what makes this very sexy as things like soft biting, scratching and hair pulling can be used to make things even more steamier and these different kinds of kisses steamier than usual.


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