How to burn DivX,Xvid,MPEG4,MOV,AVI,WMV,WMV HD,DV,and more to DVD!!

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  1. What you need
    VSO ConvertXtoDVD

  2. Download and install(read on how to install it correctly).

  3. After you install Stick a blank DVD-R into your dvd burner.

  4. Open Vso ConvertxtoDVD

  5. Click on file, then Add Video File(or you can just drag and drop)

  6. Find your file you want to convert( I choose The benchwarmers) and click open.

  7. Once open click Convert

  8. Then your done just walk away. It should look like this when converting.

  9. When it’s done converting. Grab your dvd label it, then enjoy.

Next if you need to go download imgburn(freeware dvd burner) from after you have downloaded that burn your dvd onto it if the dvd is the correct kind and has the correct amount of gigabytes required for a safe burn. Some videos that you burn should be burnt to a single layer DVD+RW, or if its bigger and about 8.5 gigabytes then you need to use a DVD+R DL, which is a dual layer dvd that is non rewritable and that is one of its only downfalls. When you burn if your in a hurry, burn at maximum speed, but for the most safe and clean burn I would burn on 2x setting. The process should go relatively fast, but from my experiences with the single and dual layer discs they can take anywhere from 1 hour to 10 minutes to burn and verify the burn. Another tip is that if you have adifferent dvd/cd burner besides Imgburn(lets say Nero 8, 9, ect. or litescribe or muvee studios) you can use that for better results if your not familiar with Imgburn.


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