Guantanamo Bay

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Finally the cruel era of Bush is over.Well first of all the closing down of guantanamo bay is the best decision and a humanitarian act done by the president of the united states.It hasn’t been many hours since Obama assumed presidency until he took the very first humane act contradicting the reign of terror that preceded him.In my opinion Guantanamo bay middle name should be the torture Bay.Ex president Bush illegally detained thousands of people and tortured them without and mercy but thank god it is going to be over now.

Obama will be signing 3 executive orders that in effect will shut down one of the darkest spots in the American history, Guantanamo bay.
This is to happen over the course of next year.

This is a serious blow back to bush era.
bush era was cruel.He used Guantanamo Bay as a torture cell.many people from different countries have been serving there for no reason.even though if they are found innocent.

This is a huge win for Civil liberties, values that the US have advocated for so long. Only to be oppressed and dismantled by the reign of Bush and his absent hearted Chaney.
If this doesn’t renew your faith in democracy, nothing will!

This president is not just doing this to win the hearts but he is doing a humanitarian act.he has feelings for the human beings and to resolve peace but bush didnt had this feeling.he killed innocent people all around the world.
i hope no war happens in his era.

Bravo Mr President! Rest of the world leaders, take note!


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