How to earn money by posting video and photos?

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As the number of Internet users around the world increases, it has create a whole new meaning to the word – web traffic. Now traffic on the Internet is eqivalent to money. I have been surfing sites which posted pictures or video clips shared by netizens which usually attracts visitors. This is especially so for Web 2.0 sites like Facebook,Friendster and so on. Photos and video clips are everywhere.

Earn by posting photo and / or video clips

It is actually possible to earn money just by doing things that you are already doing. Sometimes people tend to use web gallery to store beautiful as well as interesting pictures on the Internet for free, they get nothing from it. What I think is that, since traffic is such a valubale commodity now, you should actually leverage on your interest to earn some serious money. Introducing Flixya, a websiet which allows you to earn for the picture, photos and video clips you post.

Especially if you are a photographer who likes to take photographs, it is now time to exhibit your work on the Internet with Flixya. If you are a video clip lovers who likes to surf the net for sites like YouTube, Veoh and so on for interesting video clips like music video, funny commerical, dubbed scene and so many more, use this knowledge and post them in Flixya to share with users there.

How to get paid by Flixya?

Before starting to earn with Flixya, users are required to have a Google Adsense account. If you want to earn money with Flixya, you need to link the Adsense publisher ID to the Flixya account before your impressions of visit counts start to be accounted.

Give Fiixya a try and you will like it even if you do not post any content. Visiting the posting by other users is as interesting already. Visit this review page for more information and details.


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