Take Stress From The Wife

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Hey Men,
Is your Wife Love Language acts of service or touch, words of affirmation? Well read on and see how we as men can better serve our Wives and help to take some of the stress off of her. Never be too macho to help around the house. If the two of you have to work and you’re willing to sacrifice for the one you love, read on. Remember Men: It’s hard for her to be sexy when she is tired. If you get home before she does, then you have some time to get set up. Turn your music on and get started! Doing these things for my wife has worked wonders in our marriage. 

Clean, sweep, mop, vaccum the carpet, wash the dishes. When she come home she will be surprised! You don’t have to do it everyday, but sometimes.  Cook for her. It don’t have to be Steak and potatoes. But just make sure it’s what she likes and it tasts good.  Sit at the table with her while she eat and let her bring up a subject. Or start by giving her a compliment.

Play some soft music in the backround. Have a candlelight dinner at home.

Don’t just do these things for her in order to get something in return. Do it for her because you want to help her and you love her. Remember her love language.


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