Get tough stains out of your carpet

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Food seems to be the most attracted to carpet. No matter how we try to avoid it something is bound to fall from our plate onto the floor. Mild food stains can be taken care of with soap and water, but for harsh stains brake cleaner is a good product. It’s excellent for harsh colored foods like mustard or tomatoe paste. Remember to never add brake cleaner directly to your carpet apply it on a rag first. Remember the tougher the stain the tougher you are going to have to scrub and the longer you let a stain sit and harden the more work for you, so keep that in mind next time something spills, drop, or smear onto the carpet.

Grease and ink stains are perhaps the most stubborn and difficult of them all. Attempting to use plain soap and water will cause these stains to smear and become an even bigger stain and making a bigger mess, so use dry cleaner for grease and ink. Dry cleaner will attack the stain making it much easier to deal wiith, it’s one of the most potent stain removers out there. Be sure to apply it on a rag first then the carpet. Never apply dry cleaner direct to your carpet.

Hemoglobin is what makes up blood and gives it that bright red color. For this stain you can use brake cleaner or dry cleaner. They’ll dissolve the stain making it easy to remove. Blood stains won’t seem so tough with these two products around!


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