How to Make Money Entering Sweepstakes

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Entering sweepstakes is easier than ever and there are many legitimate companies, such as Coca Cola, who are giving away anything from gift cards for groceries to college scholarships. Here are some tips on how to find these contests and how to go about choosing the sweepstakes to enter.

It is a great idea to narrow down the things you would like to win. If you are working and can’t take time out for a vacation, then do not enter vacation contests unless there is an option for cash. Choose sweepstakes that have prizes that you will be able to use or sell for cash if you do not want to keep it. (Not everyone wants to drive a gas guzzling Ford 350 truck but if you won one, you could sell it and keep the cash!)

Set up an email account just for entering contests. This way you will not lose a “you are a winner” or “daily entry reminder” email in the midst of all your other emails. You can get a free email address on or as well as several other sites. Make it easy to access and check your email at least once a day.

Make sure you always enter an accurate telephone number on sweepstakes entries. Answer all of your calls — many companies will call using a restricted number. If you don’t answer, you may lose out on a prize!

Once you have decided what type of contests you would like to win, you can start your sweepstakes search. There are many sites on the web that list current, legitimate contests on their site. This is a big plus because you can search through one site for the type of prizes you are looking to win.

Another option is to go directly to the websites of large companies such as Coca Cola, Gillette, Hellman’s, Kraft or any brand named company you like. Sign up for their email newsletters and you will be notified of upcoming sweepstakes sponsored by their company.

There are different types of contests such as instant win, daily entry and one time entry contests. Instant win contests often have small prizes daily with a final grand prize winner drawn out of everyone who tried for the instant win prizes. The daily prizes are generally small but it’s worth try for the big prize while possibly winning items like $25 gift cards or new products that the company is featuring.

Make sure that if you enter a daily entry contest that you check off the box on the entry for that says, “Remind me to play”. This will prompt a reminder email to be sent to your email every day.

One time entries are easiest because you don’t have to remember to go back. The prizes are usually bigger but you do have to be patient. Enter as many of the contests as you can that have ending dates coming up within the next few weeks. This doesn’t up your odds but it does force you to get it done instead forgetting and having the contest end.

Set aside time to enter contests each day. If you download an application such as RoboForm (the link is in the reference section), you will be able to enter contests more quickly as your basic information will automatically fill in without extra typing.

Enter contests daily. It may sound like work, but if you are out of work or could use a cash or merchandise prize, it just might be worth it to take 30 minutes a day to enter the sweepstakes that interest you.

It doesn’t cost you anything but time to enter sweepstakes, so give it a try!


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