How to Make Money With Demand Studios Revenue Share

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  1. Become a Writer for Demand Studios. Demand Studios has an application process. Read through all of their policies, and then fill out the application questions on their site, and then upload your resume.

  2. Setup payment method. Once they hire you, provide them with your PayPal address, and if you don’t have a PayPal account register for one as it is the most convenient way to receive your payments. It is also wise to take this time to fill out their tax forms, as you will not be able to receive more than $600 a year before you have filled these out.

  3. Map out your quota. This is the fun part. Demand Studios estimates that each article you write for their revenue share program will earn you about $1.24 a month after the first three months of its publication. You will receive these earnings each month for five years, so the more articles you can consistently produce each month, the more money you earn over time.

  4. Pick up an article to write. Once you are employed by Demand Studios, you will have access to a list of article topics, both Flat Fee and Revenue Share articles. Flat Fee articles tend to payout a one time $5 or $15 payment. The Revenue Share articles pay based on your articles popularity over time. For the purpose of making long term residual income find a revenue share article with a topic you want to write about and claim it.

  5. Write the article, and follow all of the Demand Studios guidelines. There is always the possibility that the Demand Studios Copy Editors will read over your article after you submit it for publication and request that you edit it. If they do this, you will only have on time to make the corrections before it is permanently rejected. Take this process seriously and do what you have to get your article published

  6. Draw traffic to your articles. Assist your revenue by linking people from social networks, forums, and blogs back to your articles. In addition to enhancing exposure for your writing, this will also increase the number of Adsense revenue your articles draw in, which in turn will increase the revenue you are paid.

Watch the money roll in. Put on your special money watching glasses and then go look at your PayPal account.

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