Think of a msg?

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Think of a msg?

The Memory Msg website allows you to express that message on the website. You can add a message expressing what you think of current world situation or expressing your advertising message to individuals on the website. The more you pay, the higher the message.You can also post free messages, so you do not need to pay to express your opinion to others! This is mixing live opinions with advertising in a natural form, that should appeal to those marketers that realise linking their website is vital in their marketing strategies.

Example messages

Current opinions of world events, that effect everyone.

“Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, we love you xxx “

Advertising messages

Selling an item

“Buy Michael Jackson memorabilia here.”

Combined Messages and advertising message  

Message                                                                               Price

“Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, we love you xxx ”       0.12     (Price higher than message so is just above)

“Buy Michael Jackson memorabilia here.”                     0.11     (Price lower than message so is just below)

“Im bored”                                                                             0.00     (Price is lower than both other messages)

Relation of Advertising

The choice to advertise at a position that the advertiser wishes, by bidding a similiar price allows flexibility and easy targeting for the marketer

Free Message

The choice for the user to have a free message allows there to be more page views, as those users are accessing the website to post their opinions on current world events as they happen.

Its almost like a live chat, but the whole world is invited to express their opinions on the subject.


Thats an overview of Memory Msg , if you have any questions please post them to me at

Visit the site at

Hope you enjoyed the article 🙂

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Ford Cotterill

( CEO)


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