Allergies – and how to live and survive with them

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For my first article, I decided to write about something I know alot about – allergies. If you have allergies then I hope this article is informative to you and, if you do not have allergies, then you should feel lucky, however, it is probably wise to read about allergies in case you ever need to help somebody who does have allergies.

So, you may be wondering, what do I know about allergies? Well I’ll tell you – I am seriously allergic to all forms of tree nuts, fish, basil and penicillin. As well as this, most animals and plants will make me sneeze too, which can be quite annoying.

But FEAR NOT! There are ways of combating allergies and surviving them that I hope to explain in this article. I hope to do this by listing the precautions that I take to make sure I am safe whilst eating.

1. Medication!

It is very important that whenever you are eating out, or you are eating something that you have never tried before, that you have your medication on your person. Some form of “anti-histamine” can stop most allergies such as hay fever and mild reactions. These work by stopping your body reacting so violently to things you ingest or take in. An example that I always use is Piriton Syrup, which comes in handy a lot. However, for stronger reactions, such as nut allergies, you should carry an EpiPen on you and you should learn how to use it. EpiPens should only be used if you are having a very severe reaction in which you feel like you could lose consciousness so be advised.


2. Make sure the food you eat is safe!

When eating out or buying food from a store, you should always be careful to check the packet for any ingredients you are allergic to. If you have a severe allergy to something, make sure that the food you are eating has not been cross contaminated with that particular allergen either. If you are still not sure whether the food you eat is safe, it is always best to phone the care line on the packet to make sure it is safe to eat. However, if in a restaurant this can get quite complicated. Firstly ask to make sure that the food you are eating is allergen-free. It is also wise to alert the staff that you have the allergy in case you do have an allergic reaction. Remember, better safe than sorry!

3. Other important rules!

It is always very wise that you have your medication updated when necessary as it could save your life. It is also wise to avoid getting drunk when you are outside the safety of your home. This is because alcohol can speed up reactions and, because you are in “less control” of your body, you could accidentally eat something you are allergic to – so drink aware.

If you follow all these rules, you should remain safe when eating food, as I have for the past few years. Of course, you never know if you have become allergic to something else until you eat it, so always be wary that ANY food could theoretically cause a reaction. However, as long as you know your allergies and know how to deal with them, you should be safe.

Thank you once more for reading my article and I hope it has been useful – please let me know what you think of my first article – it would be much appreciated!

Keian Barton.

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