Resolving conflict in marriage

Pick your battles. Use wisdom. Don’t argue about the small stuff. So what if she wants to have wooden floors and you want carpet. Let her have it, wooden floors won’t kill you. Now at what age you want your daughter to date is a different story…

Know how to talk to your spouse. Just because you’re a boss on your job or you have children, you are used to giving out orders. So you are used to talking to people like they are beneath you. Well, your spouse isn’t beneath you they are your equal. You’re spouse is not your employee or your child. Show some respect to your spouse.

Learn to listen. When two of you are arguing at the same time, no one is listening! Give your spouse the right to talk and listen to their side of the story. Dominating a arguement don’t fix anything, it makes things worse. The best thing you can give your spouse is your ear, so listen.

  • Be approachable. Some people don’t like to deal with conflict, if they do then they HAVE to be right. Unapproachable people like to be feared or overbearing so when an issue arises, you don’t want to talk to them about it because you know the outcome. The overbearing spouse uses fear against you to avoid conflict.
  • If you have a spouse who uses fear against you in resolving conflict or is overbearing, use caution.

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