Cheap Eats for Actors Living in NYC – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Sushi

Oh my god, sushi is so good.  It’s especially good if you are an actor trying to stay healthy in a city that’s aiming to kill you.  Now most of the time, inexpensive food has all the health benefits of a rusty nail in your throat.  When you’re coming home late from a shoot/audition/rehearsal and you’re starving, it can be pretty tempting to throw five or six bucks at a McDonalds.  It fills you up, arrives quickly, and reminds you of your childhood, right?  Unfortunately it would probably be equally as healthy to put your fast food in a blender, put it in a needle, and shoot it up.  It’s probably better that way anyways, because the secret addictive drug that they put in all their food would get to your brain quicker.  Right?  Put the needle down, friends – let’s get sushi instead.  Sushi for less than ten bucks?  At two or three in the morning?  Hell yes.

What’s so good about sushi anyways?  Why not just spend my life pouring fast food down my dribbling gob?  Well first of all, let’s speak of the importance of fish.  As a person who spent his days growing up in close proximity to the ocean, I will honestly say that I am horrified by the lack of fish in my diet since moving to New York City.  For the most part, seafood is too expensive here.  And then when I do decide to get some seafood at a restaurant, or at the supermarket, I’m less than thrilled by it’s quality.  This is a terrible shame, because fish is one of the healthier foods that actors should be incorporating into their diets.  Fish contains a ton of Omega – 3 fatty acids, such as DHA, which is essentially what our brain is made of.  This is why fish is “brain food.”  Having trouble memorizing your lines?  Eat more fish.  Feeling depressed or slow or groggy?  Eat more fish!  It increases good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol, and is a wonderful source of protein.  Unfortunately, as a species, we have completely raped our seas.  There was a time when a person could safely make fish a primary part of their diet – this can no longer be done because of the amount of mercury found in sea life.  However, eating seafood two to three times a week is perfectly healthy and will keep you on the top of your game.

God damn it.


So where do I get the damn fish?  At Yummy Sushi Village on 95 MacDougal street, in between Bleeker st, and w 3rd st.  Before I begin to talk about the sushi, let me just say that their bottles of sake and plum wine are always two for one.  In my belly now please.  Their fish is always fresh and tasty, and when you order a roll, you will be pleased to discover that it’s gigantic.  They don’t skimp out on anything.  Their simplest roll – the California roll – is like four bucks.  Four bucks!  And it’s huge!  If their order is taking a while to prepare (like 15 minutes) they will often give you a free appetizer or specialty roll to try.  The specialty rolls are always incredibly innovative and they taste likes gods breath.  They have a sushi eating contest there as well that you can try whenever you want.  I think guys have to eat 50 pieces of sushi in less than an hour, and not puke – if you do, you get it for free!  I can barely eat a couple of rolls here, so I choose not to do this – but if it’s your thing, then go for it!  Even their vegetarian options are tasty.  Most of the time, I think vegetarian options feel like getting kicked in the mouth by a disease, but their sweet mushroom roll (like three or four bucks) is delicious.

Quickly!  Bite it’s nose!


The place is small, but the service is awesome, and strangely enough, there is always seems to be seating available.  It’s open till four in the morning, so you can get your sushi fix whenever the mood strikes you… unless it strikes you at five in the morning.

Join me next time folks, when I’ll be revealing the tastiest most affordable Italian food there is!

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