Understanding Importance of Your Self Evaluation

“Oh my God what I have done” or “I don’t know if I love him or not” or “Sorry I just reacted spontaneously”.

How many times you have said these sentences in your life. If the number is increasing then you need to seriously think the pattern of your reaction to situations. In this complex world where we always try to make everyday a great day, we are completely becoming ignorant about ourselves, then it becomes very important for us to monitor our behavior pattern.

How many times you have actually done your self evaluation and followed the conclusion exactly when you are in dilemna on how to react. It is not easy to do self evaluation as it can be disrupted or overcome by some factors if they are not in controllable state. The factors are emotions and if they are handled through self assessment will result in understanding of your behavior pattern and modifying it accordingly. Understanding the importance of evaluation of facts and then coming to conclusion clears your confusion on how to react to a particular situation and gives you the power to express yourself in logical manner because you talk to yourself. We all know the importance of excellent communication skill to get success in our jobs, so why we are not understanding this at personal level too.

Now I will explain two examples of emotions in which self evaluation will give you direction in your behavior pattern.    

Anger: When we are angry we completely forget the impact of our anger and things get worse than our expectations. My honest opinion is to take a pause, calm yourself down, take a deep breath and then ask to yourself? Is your anger justified or not. Then your mind will start recalling the reasons from your memory and also the good moments as well if there are any and evaluation process begins .Let this evaluation go fully and if you still feel angry or have any disappointment, then Go Ahead to  express your anger.

Remember anger can put in situation where u can end up in saying that “Oh My God what I have done”. So always judge every aspect of reason before you react to the situation.

Love: As we all know that the famous facts about love that” Love is blind”, “Love happens automatically”. So I am not denying from these facts, the only an important evaluation we should do once that “What are the least qualities I want to see in my partner” or “What is the most important trait that would let me feel a bond with her or him forever”? This evaluation will separate the feeling of infatuation and your mind will start evaluation process to make a list of personality traits you like most. Once you get to know the traits and find a person accordingly, you feel passionate about the relationship and willing to maintain it.

At the end I want to say that we should live our emotions completely as they add colors and richness in our life but handle them sensibly which can be done through self evaluation.

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