Cheap camping gear

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Camping is a wonderful way to relax over the summer, and it is one of the cheapest vacations around. You can camp at a public campground, private campground or even your own backyard.

On Monday June 29, 8:30 pm, Ray and I ventured up to the campsite to begin our vacation early. Mom and Dad came down to the campsite to make sure we had a fire going and they also had the tiki torches lit for us.

While we unpacked our camping gear and opened the camper my parents ventured back up to their house about 10 pm or so. I put the blankets on the bed and Ray took care of the food in the camper. We found that the flashlights we had simply did not cut it for lighting the camper so we made plans to purchase some of those stick up battery-operated lights from the dollar store.

Purchase tip# 1 battery operated lights from the dollar store are a necessity in a camper or even a tent.

Grilled hotdogs were the name of the game and boy were they great. Grab some extender marshmallow poles from your favorite sporting goods or department store. They are great not only for grilling hotdogs over an open fire, but also for grilling marshmallows for your gram crackers and chocolate confections.

Purchase tip # 2 Extended grilling sticks make cooking hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire safer.

We were joined about 1130 pm at the campsite by my son and a few of his friends. We talked around the campfire for a while and made some memories. Sitting around a campfire with teenagers is a great way to bond and it does promoted family togetherness.

The teenagers all tired from working all evening settled in early for a long over due rest.

There is simply something magical sleeping beside a fast running creek and rain beating on the tin roof to lull one into a very peaceful slumber. Last year we purchased a camper that sleeps eight people, we picked it up used but in very good condition.

Purchase tip #3 Purchase a used camper. If you can afford one, for a few hundred dollars and it is in good shape, purchase it quickly to sleep in. Make any repairs before you head camping this way you are ready to enjoy camping when you head out.

It began to rain about 2:30 am or so, but it was a nice gentle rain that helped us sleep more restful as it drummed on the tin roof. I did not worry about the teenagers in the tents, as I knew they were dry.


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