Italy- an oasis of joy

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After a long year of work, a holiday is always welcome; and where else to go to charge your batteries if not in the most romantic country in Europe- La Bella Italia. Italy land begins from the Alps and the famous lakes of the north to Sicily Island, in the south. Besides the tourist attractions, the rich culture, famous beaches, great food recipes, authentic cafes, friendly locals and holiday atmosphere, you will have the chance to visit the most beautiful cities in Europe where it was written the world history.

Every town in Italy has its own history, its beginning, a unique beauty. Although they seem apparently different, the cities of Italy are closely linked by tradition, customs, friendship and love. You can go shopping in Milan, one of the European fashion capitals. You can go to the beach in Rimini, Lido di Jesolo, or Sicily, you can find romance in Verona, Florence or Venice, or you can discover the history of Italy in the heart of the old Latin empire, Rome.

In Milan, the second largest city after Rome, you can relax and shop on the famous boulevards in Milan, where can be found shops belonging to the biggest fashion houses. Also, you can spoil your senses with a spicy Italian cappuccino.

But if you prefer to enjoy an amazing tan, you can choose with confidence the large beaches of Lido Di Jesolo, on the coast of Adriatic Sea or Sicily, the largest and most famous island in the Mediterranean. The fine sand, the sea waves, the delicious cocktails, the various activities  on the beach and water sports, relaxation centers…they all are at your disposal and will contribute to this unique experience: your most beautiful holiday.

If you wish something more romantic, you can enjoy a five-star tour in Venice. You can start the day with an authentic Italian espresso to continue with a walk where you can admire the Basilica San Marco, the Clock Tower or the Rialto Bridge.

Or you can find romance in another treasure of Italy: Verona. To reach the famous balcony of Juliet, you must pass throw the old center of the city and admire the places and monuments that inspired Shakespeare when he wrote “Romeo and Juliet” or “Two young people of Verona.”

Rome, the capital, is distinguished both for its historic Roman origin, and Etruscan. It is the capital of Italy from 1871 and hosts more than 2.5 million inhabitants. The main tourist attractions are the Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Theater of Marcellus.

In Vatican City, a land full of culture and history, you can visit the Market and Basilica San Pietro, Vatican Museums, San Giovanni cathedrals and Santa Maria Maggiore. According to tradition, if you threw a coin in Fontana di Trevi, some day you will come back to Rome. In Italy, you can feel life, because life is not just about facts, as it consists in memories about places that you have visited and people who meant something to you.


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