London by foot

I heard two diametrically opposed opinions about London. The first one describes London as a great city that excites you from the moment. The second one sounds like this: it doesn’t worth; it’s an unfriendly and cold city.

I’ve tried not to consider any of the two preferences and it seems that I’ve made the right decision, as I discovered London through my mind and soul. But I can’t say the same about England.

London is not a benchmark at all regarding the rest of the country; it is a hybrid, an amalgam of stunning nations of all kinds, from all sorts of colors, various cultures, and such a pregnant amalgam that it becomes part of London.

You can hardly find a true-born Londoner on the street, so if you plan to discover the ‘British spirit’, London is not the best place to do it. We arrived late at night in the capital of England, after a long way from Luton airport, and the first thing that brought me down to earth after a pretty comfortable flight, was a strong flavored tea with honey.

Excepting the tea, which can be easily prepared at home, I was surprised by their subway that first seemed to me very complicated and difficult to understand by an outsider, but which, after the first experience, revealed instantly its mysteries. You weren’t allowed to get lost, although the direction of those 11 lines of different colors was a bit confusing. I’ve discovered London by foot, without a guide, without having any idea about the final destination, having only an old map.

It is the best way to feel what you must feel, too see what you have to see, to assimilate everything you need, I don’t recommend the famous tour with the London buss before visiting one more time the places you’ve already seen: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, British Museum, London’s Eye and so on…

A discordant note in this landscape of architectures is made by Canary Worf, a new neighborhood, some kind of business center with the highest buildings in London, a project that belongs to a Jew Romanian, George Iacobescu. It is a brilliant spot of modernism on a sight dominated by classicism, an oasis of glass and steel between the queen’s buildings.

My journey was quiet, warm crowded, quite expensive, (my budget was seriously affected), full of women in thongs and boots, pubs, cafes , Thames, chocolate brioches, details that created in my mind an image of London, which is hard to forget.

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