Top 10 Rules in striptease

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The striptease is an art, which not everybody masters. But certainly we can learn … or at least we can try. Above all, there are some golden rules you have to consider if you want to do striptease as an expert.

1. The most important rule

You can touch him, but he is not allowed to touch you in any way. Just his eyes and imagination can go further.

2. Eye contact

You must maintain the visual contact with him permanently. Look him in the eyes. A seductive look says more than a thousand words.

3. Makeup

A fake tan (you’ll feel better with some color on your skin), some gloss on your lips, blush and body oil will transform you into a Goddess.

4. Lights on

The idea is to show your body, not to hide it. It really doesn’t matter if you look like a model or if you plan to keep a drastic diet for months. Being sexy means having attitude. You don’t need a top model body in order to get naked. All you need is self confidence.

5. Plan what you will wear

If you plan to start the striptease session as soon as you come through the door after a day of work, then you’ll must wear appropriate clothes at the office or to change your clothes on the way home; a white shirt, a skirt, stockings, high heels shoes without straps and the sexiest underwear…it’s not so hard after all, isn’t it?

6. Don’t be obsessed by order

The clothes should be thrown everywhere, not arranged nicely in a closet. If you’ll start to clean the room you’ll ruin everything. Don’t laugh, it happens. Let your clothes where they are, you’ll work on this later.

7. Tease him and temp him

During the entire striptease session, walk around the room, play with your hair, touch yourself. Be his personal dancer.

8. Your hands are his hands

Touch yourself as he would do it, in the places where you’d like to be touched. You can make everything to seem innocent or you can just be impulsive and passionate in your dance.

9. Steal a trick from a dancer

Whenever you can, put one foot in front of the other, in order to make some uncomfortable positions to seem elegant. Moreover, your body will look sexier.

10. Choose the right music, according to your mood

It’s not necessary to choose the classic Joe Cocker, it already become a cliché. Choose a song that you like, a song that makes you dance by yourself around the house in the morning. The music is one of the most important things, because it has a great effect on your mood. And the mood influences the attitude. So keep your head up, look him in the eyes and give your best!


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