TOP 20: Things you should never say to a woman

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You found a beautiful, intelligent, provocative woman, just as you like. The most difficult part is just starting. Do you know how to talk to her or you say only stupid things? Women know exactly what they want and they won’t hesitate to reject a man immediately, if he doesn’t respect some golden rules…

Come on, be a good boy and do not dare to tell us the following:

1.’Are you having those women problems?’– I admit I’m cranky when I have those problems, as are over 90% of women. If I behave bed with you, don’t try to remind me of that issue. Simply, if you know it, keep the line for another time.

2. ‘Are you pregnant?’– You just told me that I have to start wearing bigger blouses that can hide my abdomen. Women fight continuously with the fat on their thighs, hips and belly. But it’s barely visible and you started to criticize me. I’m more attractive this way…

3. ‘Are you really going to eat that thing?’–  If I was not sure I want to eat a certain kind of food, I wouldn’t have ordered it. I know you want to look more emancipated, but I also know that when I’m not present, you drink a lot of beer, you eat chips and crispy wings, things that I didn’t even mentioned about.

4. ‘You talk exactly like your mother.‘- I know that sometimes I speak too much but with this line you shot two birds with one shot. I mean that you insulted me and my mom. You are almost out, honey.

5. ‘How old did you said you are?’– Do you mean that I look older than my age, or what? I’m old enough to know that I don’t have to answer to this kind of impolite questions.

6. ‘My ex girlfriend did the same.’- If you keep telling me about your ex, take care to say that she was inferior to me, that there is no term of comparison between me and her. I want you to tell me that I did that something much better than her…

7. “You’re cute.” And you’re a kid. I want to hear from you that I look gorgeous, that I’m great, beautiful, and extraordinary. Many girls are just lovely. If you’re dating me, you must make me feel different, special.

8. ‘Can I kiss you?’ -Do it. You’re asking me and you ruin the moment. If you feel that it’s the right time to do it, than just action.

9. ‘Your best friend looks very hot!‘- And you just told me that I’m cute. You said this and I’ll take care not to see her again.

10. ‘You’re completely irrational!‘- I almost loose my minds when I hear these words. Women hate them, so avoid saying them! By telling me that I’m irrational, you cancel any communication with me.

11. ‘You pay!‘- I like when a man pays the entire bill. You can tell me later, if you’re on a budget or if you just don’t want to pay for everything (it’s nothing wrong here), how much I owe you. But, for the moment, be a real macho and pay.

12. ‘Am I so damn good or what?’– After making love, women need touches and nice words, not questions that have no sense. Maybe you were, you can’t change it. And no, you weren’t ‘so damn good’.

13. ‘I’m stressed!’– We appreciate that you work, that you study or that you do whatever you want, but don’t say this when you’re not in a good mood. A woman needs attention and the attention doesn’t come from stressed males.

14. ‘You’re a sweet, cute little bunny!’– Where’s the virility? Sometimes is all right to act like a child, but don’t exaggerate! If you keep it this way, she will believe that she adopted you, you cute little bunny…

15. ‘I haven’t had time to buy you a gift.’– You know, the gift doesn’t matter, but the intention, the fact that you tried, that you went to buy something. On important occasions, don’t come with your hand empty. Show that you tried and it’s more than sure that you’ll be rewarded.

16. ‘How many boyfriends have you had?’- It’s for your own good not to ask. If I tell you that their number is over 10, you won’t be so happy. Why is it so important? It matters that I’m with you now!

17. ‘Your ex was a…’– Any woman will keep caring to a certain ex. So don’t start to insult him because you’ll be the only one who will loose.

18. ‘Have you ever played down there by yourself?’- I was asked this many times and I felt some discomfort in formulating a response. Yes, women do it, but they do it in quiet and they prefer not to discuss about. You better take care to make me feel great when making love and stop thinking at this issue.

19. ‘You look better without make up. I prefer you natural.‘- You know, we don’t make ourselves beautiful only for you…

20. ‘Mary, Mary, Mary…’– Are you sill thinking to your ex girlfriend and say her name while you’re in the bed? Release yourself completely by her image and then, we’ll talk. Or maybe not…


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