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For most women, the moment that confirms unofficially their marriage is part of a colored and cheerful dream, with flowers, a romantic dinner and an engagement ring. Unfortunately, for others, this was one of the worse days they have ever lived. Let’s see what the most unsuccessful proposals are:

1. The woman who swallowed the ring hidden in a milkshake

When Reed Harris asked Kaitlin Whipple if she wants to be his wife, he surely didn’t thought enough before the event.

He hid the engagement ring in a frozen milkshake. Their friends started a contest: who drinks faster the milkshake. What happened further wasn’t a surprise.

Kaitlin Whipple swallowed the ring. Reel took her to the hospital to find out if she really swallowed it. After two days, the ‘victim’ retrieved her ring and the couple got married. At least, she will always remember the moment when she was proposed.

2. The man who dropped the ring from the Brooklyn Bridge

Imagine how is to save money over a long period of time for a special diamond ring for your girlfriend and then to drop it after she accepted your proposal. Professor Don Walling planned to propose his girlfriend, Gina Pellicani, on the Brooklyn Bridge with the family as spectators.

But when the most important moment came, he dropped the ring in traffic. However, he promised to find it. After he searched it for a long time, he found the ring and so, the happy couple finally could marry.

3. The woman who was taken by the flow

A romantic marriage proposal took place on the coast of Oregon, but it become deadly for the future bride who was taken by the flow.

When Scott Napper was about to get the ring out of his pocket, near a rock, a giant wave was coming. He didn’t have enough time to save his girlfriend, Alforque, who was taken by the flow. She has never been found.

4. The man who was refused in front of 20,000 people

A guy who planned very well to propose his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, in front of a TV audience on a stadium full of people, has failed. His girlfriend refused him in the presence of 20,000 people.

5. The woman who swallowed the ring in a cake

Do you remember the woman who swallowed the ring hidden in a milkshake? Well, she’s not the only one. A woman passed out after she swallowed the engagement ring hidden in a cake. Her boyfriend said that he was inspired by romantic movies.

But she passed out when Wen wanted to propose her: ‘I realized immediately that I just swallowed the ring’. The doctors managed to take out the ring with a catheter.


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