TOP 10 Aphrodisiacs

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Do the most famous aphrodisiacs deserve their reputation? Is their effect as efficient as it is believed? People created various myths regarding so called ‘aphrodisiac substances’, ignoring the fact that some of those have deathly side effects. Here are presented the most common aphrodisiacs and their dangerous side:

10. The rhinoceros horn

It is sad that our effort to sustain the survival of our species by extensive copulation brought other species to the limit of extinction. The rhinoceros horn, praised by some people as being a powerful aphrodisiac, doesn’t offer more sexual power; and the effectiveness of its (illegal) use in Chinese medicine for treating some diseases is questionable.

The rhinoceros horn has the shape of a phallus, and this means for the traditional medicine the evidence that it stimulates men’s libido. In the best case, it contains nutrients such as the phosphorus, which was probably providing some energy to our ancestors.

9. The Spanish fly (cantharid)

It is not a fly and it’s not even Spanish. Here is a summary of the lies behind this potentially deadly aphrodisiac. The Spanish fly is actually the ash beetle (Little vesicatoria), originating in Europe. This beetle contains a juice similar to a caustic acid called cantharidin or cantharid.  When it is ingested and then removed from the body, it causes a burning sensation and swelling in the urinary tract, which is often wrongly interpreted as sexual stimulation.

The only problem is the toxicity of this substance, and the victims are usually the women who consume it without being aware, as a powder in the drink. Often, the cantharidin sold on the market is just pepper or something that will make you feel hot.

8. The alcohol

The alcohol, another fake aphrodisiac, actually reduces inhibitions and the capacity of taking decisions. Worse, alcoholic drinks and other drugs used at parties, such as cocaine and ecstasy’s (MDMA) contribute to erectile dysfunction. The experts think that these drugs affect the flow of blood through the action they have on arteries and veins and have a negative impact on the level of testosterone, thus reducing the libido.

A few glasses at a party are fine, but to rely on alcohol to increase the libido may be a sign of deeper problems.

7. The chocolate

It is not an aphrodisiac, but what matters? The chocolate has a lot of phenylethylamin and serotonin, two chemical substances that stimulate the areas of pleasure of the brain.

The chocolate is similar to sex, if we think about the sensations produced. But this doesn’t mean that it increases the sexual desire and the studies don’t prove this. The lips will be sweet after a piece of chocolate and the kisses will be pleasant, but the passion was already present before eating the first piece.

6. Oysters

Many foods (bananas, asparagus, carrots, avocados) are considered aphrodisiacs as they have a phallic shape. Oysters look like the vagina. The Romans placed the oysters on the top of the aphrodisiacs list. The legend says that Casanova himself was eating 50 raw oysters for breakfast.

It is even more interesting that the oysters (and pine seeds, another ancient aphrodisiac) have a high content of zinc, which is necessary for sperm production. Raw oysters have a high content of acid D-aspartame and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which increases testosterone levels, according to a study conducted on male mice, which theoretically means an increase in male libido, according to experts. The data are not reliable yet and should be processed, but the oysters are really delicious aperitifs.

5. Yohimbe, tribulus and maca

Several plants used traditionally are studied for their aphrodisiac properties, and the first three places are Yohimbe, tribulus and maca. Any combination of these three can be pulverized, packed in the form of capsules and sold as the natural Viagra. But most experimented researchers will warn you to avoid them. Too much Yohimbe, the bark of an evergreen tree from western Africa, can kill. You never know what you receive when you buy these drugs, so called ‘natural’.

Many drugs have been extracted from plants: the aspirin was isolated from the willow bark. So Yohimbe and similar plants are still studied to determine if they have medicinal properties that can be isolated and processed in a secure treatment for sexual dysfunction.

4. Viagra

There is a reason why the ads “natural Viagra” continue to flow into your inbox. Viagra works, but some scammers try to acquire the success of the multi-billion dollar company Pfizer. Viagra is an aphrodisiac itself. In order to work, sexual stimulation is required. (That means you probably have a high sexual desire, which makes you buy Viagra.)

Before Viagra and other similar drugs were lunched, about a decade ago, the doctors had little success in the treatment of erectile dysfunction through drugs. Viagra increases blood flow to the penis and prevents the blood to follow its normal way throw the body. The drug has also side effects, some very serious, for a small percentage of those who use it, but men don’t seem to care about very much.

3. Psychoanalysis

Sometimes the sexual dysfunction in men and women is the result of depression, the fatigue or psychological problems. The psychiatrists, the psychotherapists and other experts in sexual therapy can often represent a strong aphrodisiac to improve the libido.

2. Keeping in shape

According to the results of studies conducted recently and published in American Journal of Medicine, the erectile dysfunction is highly correlated with poor physical health and inactivity. Over 50 percent of the subjects who had diabetes and over 44 percent of those who had hypertension had problems in achieving an erection, more or less frequently (sometimes or always). So did 26 percent of the subjects who reported a sedentary lifestyle.

Those who are not in shape tend to have less self confidence. The fact that you are in a good shape and you eat healthy, don’t drink and don’t smoke are ways to prevent obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease and hypercholesterolemia- problems that have a significant impact on blood flow, according to the experts. Doctors recommend to all their patients to make these changes in their lifestyle if they want to have a normal sexual life.

1. The respect

Doctors often talk about respect towards your sex partner and about understanding his needs. The need of sex doesn’t necessarily need to focus on the sexual contact itself. There are many ways to produce sexual pleasure to the partner and the deepest sexual relationship starts with the respect for the other. Try it, it can prove to be a true revelation.


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