Trivial Pursuit Xbox 360 game review – Should it be a video game?

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Seeing this in a very good offer from a shop in a bundle I decided to buy with the excellent Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box and Connect 4 for less than £15! Getting this I thought it would be quite bad and I was mainly correct. 

Trivial Pursuit on the Xbox 360 has the same general idea as the traditional board game. You have the board with the different coloured squares and then special squares for each colour which if answered correctly give you a wedge. The first person to get all the wedges from all the chosen categories is the winner. 

The video game version is worse than the board game version which did not surprise me as I do think that board games shouldn`t be changed to video games as they were designed to played on a board and think that they are a way for old games to make it bit more money. The questions are fairly easy although a few of the questions require you to put the answer on a map and I am fairly useless at this as my knowledge of the world is not fantastic! 

Included in the video game are a couple more game types which are designed to be played on a game console and are admittedly slightly better. My favourite is the Friends and Family mode as you take it in turns and while not answering the question you can bet whether the person is going to be correct or not which adds a little bit more to do and does make the game a little, just a little bit more exciting. If you bet correctly you earn a little bit of a wedge and you also earn wedges for answering questions correctly. This game type also has a few little differences including event squares which include teleporting to any square you choose or the opportunity to steal your opponents wedge in a wedge off. The other mode is clear the board which is played one player and is less fun as you just go about the board on your own and just answer questions and is Ok a couple of times through. 


Very disappointedly this game has no online which I think is just plain lazy on EA`s part because it would have made the game a lot better and could be enjoyed by playing anyone, anytime and would make sense as a board game is meant to be played multiplayer and I think this really makes the game a lot worse. Learn from this in future board game video games! 


The graphics are decent but could have also been made better. The board and pieces are easy to see and another plus is that it is 3D and nice and colourful. I think they could have improved it by giving you a choice of board with themes or something though as it certainly is not spectacular. 


The length will vary massively from person to person but for most people because it depends on how many times you want to play it. This could range from about 2 to about 50 but I reckon most people will probably play the game about 10 times which is very bad for a retail game as the games are quite short. However a plus point is that EA have released other packs of question which may make the game a bit better but these packs do have a cost. Also I have so far never had the same question twice which is good and shows there are lots of different questions. 


Trivial Pursuit does not really have any sound as there is no music (I think, if there is it is either rubbish, really quiet or just OK as I don`t remember it!) There are a few sound effects but I don`t think these are particularly good and are just a bit rubbish. 

Overall, I would not recommend Trivial Pursuit as I think it would have been better if it was released as an arcade game released for 800 Microsoft points rather than a full retail game with an RRP of £40. The game is not awful but I would not recommend buying it separately as it does not have much different from the traditional game and with not very good graphics, sound and especially the fact there is no online play which is just plain lazy I think Trivial Pursuit should either be bought very cheaply e.g. less than £5 or only in a bundle but preferably not at all! 

RRP £40 

Amazon £15.94 

£30 at shops like Game and Game station 

2/5 Not recommended as it should have been an arcade title and EA have been plain lazy especially not including online play. 

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