How to create brushes in Photoshop

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Photoshop is a very cool image editing software that can be used for both beginners and professional. One of the very simple tools it allows is creating your very own brushes. These can then be used to add a text or design to your image.

Here are few examples of images that I’ve edited using brushes I’ve added on:

par1.jpg par1.png gch1.gif


You can learn how to create these icons in tutorials I will be adding soon.

Brushes: floral design and strips on the 1st icon, spirals on the 2nd icon, lines on the 3rd icon and everything apart from Taylor Swift on the blend.

To create a brush, open a new page file>new>ok and paste the image. You can get loads of cool brushes on the net, simply copy and paste the image. Then go to edit>define brush>ok. And that’s basically it. Really simple, right? The image has been turned into a brush. So you can now use it instead of the boring brushes that originally come with the software. Just select the brush tool, find the brush you loaded (at the top it should say brush and then a number followed by a little arrow, select the arrow and browse till you find your brush).


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