Update of paid URL shorten services

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Previously I have write an article on Bukisa about the paid URL shorten services. Here are some new sites that paid to share links and the update of the old sites.

1. Linkbucks

Although it still counts lots of the clicks as invalid, it is a paying site right now.

2. Linkbee

I have seen two posts writing that it doesn’t pay any more. One post mentioned this site hasn’t made any payments since March. So I have given up this site.

3. Linkturtle

This is the site I am trying now. Its paying rate is ‘Interstitial’ $1.00 per 1,000 visits and ‘Banner’ $1.00 per 2,000 visits. And it also has 5 levels of referral earnings. You need at least $15.00 before you can request a withdrawal to your paypal account.

4. LinkMoney

It is just like Linkbucks, but worst of all, it counts every click even from the same IP and with a very very bad loading speed. So it must be a scam.

5. BNlink

You earn 1 point per top frame impression and 1.5 point per intermission impression based on the Revenue Share Rate (RSR). Note that your RSR is real time updated based on your traffic quality. This rate may increase up to 150% if you get pure US traffic. In short, the better quality your traffic is the more money you will make. Currently they pay 80% of the revenue to members. Payments are made when users meet the required minimum payout balance of $10 US through paypal. But the latest news of the site is on Oct. 11, 2008, posting that 1000 Points = $0.334. So It is hard and must be unable to get paid from it.

6. URLCash

They pay members up to 88% of URLCash’s income. Up to 68% are your own redirects, and the other 20% is from the earnings you get from your referrals redirects. They run a performance score just like the RSR for BNlink, which means the better traffic you send the higher payout you will get. They monitor your traffic quality so that you benefit every time it increases. There are four kinds of links, ‘Lowad Frame’, ‘Highad Frame’, ‘Lowad Landingpage’, and ‘Highad Landingpage’. They don’t write the FAQ clearly so I even don’t know the payout!

7. adf.ly

Currently you can withdraw your earnings at any time once you have earned $5.00 USD or $20.00 if your account was registered before the 1st July 2009. We only send target ads by country, which means if you are not in their target country you will not receive even a cent. And that is the situation for me.

8. eCa.sh

When you shorten your URL with eCash, they add an unobtrusive toolbar to the top of the page. This toolbar displays and rotates ads for various products from Low-Stress Income’s Marketplace with your affiliate link embedded. Whenever someone clicks on the ad, you get paid 50%+ for sales made through Low-Stress Income’s Affiliate Program 2.0. You also get paid up to 10% whenever someone who signs up under you makes a sale.

9. yu.mu

It announces to make money from your links on Twitter. But it has been proven to be a scam.


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