Water Aerobics – The Best Way to Keep You Fit and In Shape

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Water aerobics is considered one of the safest ways to keep you fit and in shape. Here, exercises are carried out in a swimming pool. While you are immersed in water that is chest deep, a qualified instructor will carry out the leads. This aerobics session usually last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Water aerobics is a smooth process in which body muscles does not get strained as much it does on regular aerobics. This is because, water is said to support up to 90 percent of the weight of a persons body. This enables greater muscular endurance due to the strength and flexibility given by the resistance from the water. Like other forms of aerobics, water aerobics helps to tones your body and reduces blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This is the ideal type of aerobics for those who are overweight as they will feel at ease while engaging in these lessons. This fact, in addition to the water supporting the body would help them as exercises performed on the ground may be more difficult for them to follow, resulting in them being extremely tired and having various aches and pains at the end of the session. Water aerobics is also ideal for pregnant others and the elderly. If you belong to the last two groups, remember to check with your physician before you enroll yourself in aerobics classes as it may pose some risks to your condition.

As in formal aerobics, in water aerobics too the session begins with a warm up routine. You should check with your instructor whether you would need particular equipment for your water aerobics class. The usual requirements are your swimware, water cap and water aerobics shoes. However, if your routine would include deep water or under water exercises, you may require additional equipment such as swimming goggles.

Water aerobics classes cater to people of all ages and have classes ranging from those for beginners to those who are experts. It is an ideal form of exercise to try out during the summer without sweating too much while at the same time relaxing and reducing stress.

These routines however cannot be practiced at home, unless of course you own a swimming pool. Therefore, finding a decent instructor and getting pool membership would be the two basic steps you should take before getting in to water aerobics. Do remember to take a good shower after your class in order to prevent any infections from occurring due to the strong chemicals present in the water!


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