Sign of the Psychic

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Where do the psychic powers of people like Edger Cayce and Peter Hurkos come from? The origins of the psychic gifts of people like these have been under question for years. There have been many theories put forward to explain the many and varied cases, from accidents sparking off a kind of trigger mechanism to possessions and hallucinations. All of them hold a possible explanation for individual cases, but what about the larger picture? Could there be an underlying force of some kind which one day could be as predictable as other scientific disciplines such as biology or astronomy are today?

Many people nowadays believe that everyone is born with a certain amount of psychic power just as every person is born with a certain amount of sporting ability for example and has a certain amount of artistic skill. However some people tend to excel in certain areas. Just as some people are highly skilled sporting professionals there are people who are gifted with above average ESP powers.

One of the most talented of these people was Edgar Cayce, known for his amazingly accurate distance treatment, 90% of his consultations solved the persons problems. This was without any conscious medical knowledge.

Like many psychics his gift seemed to be with him from an early age, albeit not in a crystallized form. He could see peoples auras and played with invisible people as a child.

However it wasn’t until at the age of twenty-one, suffering from a persistent hoarse throat and laryngitis, he finally consulted a hypnotist out of desperation. The hypnotist, Al Layne, asked Cayce to give a diagnosis and possible cure to his own problem while still hypnotized. Coming out of his trance his voice had returned to normal and all symptoms had gone. It wasn’t long before he started diagnosing others while in a trance like state. As the word spread the people seeking his help grew, people contacted him from all over the world. Could Cayce like many other psychics have gained his insight into other peoples minds and bodies simply because of the time and place of his birth?

A famous study undertaken by a French psychologist named Michel Gauqelin’s which became known as the “Mars effect”, which was originally started to disprove astrology, scientifically proved that the planets in our solar system do have an effect on at least parts of our lives. After studying thousands of peoples birth times in relation to their career he discovered that in the higher achievers the planets positions did seem to play a major role.

Taking Gauqelin’s concepts to different realms of study, Ramsden, a researcher, looked at the possibility of astrology showing a specific sign which could be related to psychic abilities. When he looked at his 127 cases of verified psychics and plotted their births on a chart of a conventional Tropical twelve sign system, the system we recognize as astrology, there seemed to be no one significant star sign standing out from all the others. Instead there seemed to be a cluster of births around four signs, Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Gemini, indicating the preference for a certain time of year. But nothing else. Ramsden was about to look into other astrological systems such as the sidereal Zodiac. At the time he was reading a book by Lewis Spence relating to the myths and legends of the North American Indians when he came across a reference to how some tribes calculated their years by the moon, which consisted of thirteen moons. This changed the course of his research and he started to look into a system of thirteen signs.

There has been many attempts to reintroduce a thirteen sign system, three of which have been introduced within the last three decades. There is Walter Berg’s Ophicius sign placed between Scorpio and Sagittarius, however unlike the other two systems Walter Bergs seems to have based his placement of this new sign on the actual constellations rather than a lunar based philosophy. This is the same idea as the sidereal zodiac.

Helena Paterson has put together a modern interpretation of the Celtic lunar zodiac. The signs have been named after the old Celtic tree alphabet, but have been structured on the idea of using this to complement rather than simply replace the twelve sign Tropical Zodiac currently used in mainstream western astrology.

The system of real interest is that of James Vogh’s which he calls “the psychic zodiac”. The added sign set between Taurus and Gemini is Known as Arachne, the spider sign.

When Ramsden put his psychic cases to this new chart there was a significant concentration of cases in the new sign of Arachne. In fact there is a 19% concentration of psychic people in this sign which is 237,500-1 against this result happening purely by chance alone.

The Hawthorn, one of the Celtic signs is placed between the same dates as the sign of Arachne, Alice Bailey also recognizes that this is a significant area in the cosmos, and says that “the entire secret of divine purpose and planning is hidden in this sign”. Vulcan is used as Hawthorns ruling planet to express these secret powers, which seem to relate more with the spiritual that the physical side of our psychic potential. Vulcan is a mythical planet, which has been claimed to have been sighted many times, but if this is true it still remains elusive, which is understandable as for much of the time it is said to be veiled by Mercury.

Vulcan itself could be more closely related to the thirteenth house of this “psychic zodiac”, than the added sign itself, which according to Vogh’s research is linked to the higher self, soul or psyche depending on how you understand this hard to define part of your spiritual body. This is the true self which is normally hidden from the material world, behind the mask of the ego.

Another planet with strong links to psychic powers is Neptune, this planet is associated to all the hidden forces such as mediumship telepathy and spiritualism, unfortunately it is not related to these dates.

However Neptune is linked to the results of a study, undertaken by Vogh. He randomly chose 227 famous people to relate to the “psychic zodiac”, his statistics don’t exactly shadow Ramsdens with regard to just using psychic people, however it does put forward some very interesting results. There is once again a significant peak, but not where you would at first think. The peak is between, Aquarius and Pisces in Vogh’s zodiac. At first it appears to have no real significance until you see that the time is around 38 weeks after the sign of Arachne. Which means that a large majority were conceived within the dates of Arachne.

An interesting note here is that if you relate the dates back to both the Celtic and the Tropical zodiac’s this time has the ruling planet of Neptune.

The moon also seems to play a large part in psychic peoples births. As Vogh looked at Ramsdens results he found that a large percentage of these were born with the moon in Arachne. Vogh used a lunar ephemeris only dating back until 1800, so 22 of the original cases were not used in the charting of the results. Out of the remaining 105 cases 21of them or 20% had the moon in Arachne at their birth. The odds are 250,000-1 against chance alone being responsible for this result.

Astrology readily accepts the fact that at least on an individual level psychic potential is easily interpretable, but as western thought sidelined the spiritual nature of man, so did western astrology. This system put forward by Vogh is an attempt to add a little more balance to mainstream astrology.

It also supports the concepts of many paranormal researchers, who believe that there are many more supple influences relating to the cosmos. So it seems that these “unpredictable forces” may not be so unpredictable after all?


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