Re-Invent Yourself by Creating The Image You Desire

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Step 1

Look into the mirror and ask your self, what is my first impression of me? Grab a note pad and pencil and write your thoughts down. For an example: Is my hair in need of a cut or color? Will picking up some new lip stick2.gif or a new suit enhance my appearance and create the image that I desire?

Step 2  

Grab a fashion magazine of choice to get some ideas of what type of image you want to create. Search for details that will assist you successfully on your journey of re-inventing yourself. Perhaps you may want to consult with an Image Consultant, Hair Stylist, a close family member or friend for more ideas.

Step 3  

 Once you have accomplished your desired look, go to work or your favorite social place. Test out your re-invention of self on other people you know and those you don’t know. Pay close attention to their reaction. More than likely, you will discover that you have created your new image by re-inventing yourself.

Step 4  

 Now that you have re-invented yourself by creating the image that you desire. The most exciting thing of all, you have the tools and informations to achieve a new image over and over again. And remember, you have the ablility to create the new you has the seasons change. Most importantly you have an self esteem builder within you, also, the family members and friends that surrounds you, you are now their image helper and esteem builder. Don’t hesitate to partner up with each other when needed.


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