Keeping an eye on your weight?

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Ever wonder what you’d look like walking around with an extra 10, 15 dare I say 20 pounds. We all do some time or another in our lives. Honestly NO one wants to gain weight, it’s a dreadful thought and sometimes it worries us. Counting every calories, overly exercising even missing meals. You’ve all witness some one in our lives who have had a very difficult time dropping weight, you promise your self you’d never do that to your body. Here are some tips to back up your promise.

Don’t stop eating when your full stop eating when you’ve had enough. The body only wants so much food at a time the body never wants it ALL at once save some for later. Drink water before you eat your next meal. A lot of times we think we’re hungry, but truth be told we’re just simply DEHYDRATED. That can save you a minimum of 500 calories, I’m sure. You ever try burning 500 calories working out? it’s a lot isn’t it. Don’t forget about water. Don’t forget to treat your self to the sauna. I say this because the sauna helps you to sweat and when you sweat you let more toxins out then when you don’t. So my conclusion is when you sweat out toxins you also sweat out CRAVINGS thats right cravings. Now you have a great reason to jump in the sauna your next visit to the gym.

When you do get truly hungry eat vegetables, a nice salad with fish of your choice. Fish is great for maintaining weight. It’s packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which is GOOD fat (yeah there’s a such thing) which helps to burn bad fat. For the vegetables you don’t really like invest in a juicer and juice them with some fruit or other veggies mix and match the combinations you’ll find something you’ll like. You need a wide variety of fruit and vegetables not just apples and oranges, tomatoes and lettuce. Vegetable soup is a great way to great to get vitamins and so are fruit salads.



Don’t fear food. That’s the worse thing you could do. Either way it goes you’re going to eat, so before you crush on cookies and sour cream and onion chips just eat, but don’t with caution. You are what you eat junk food goes right to the lower body make a fruit smoothie instead.


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