Writing a Song

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For us music lovers we like to listen to songs we can relate to and songs that are totally sincere. When writing your songs that’s what you do. Rule number 1 only write what you know, because you will feel the lyrics more and get more into the songs then just standing and saying heartless words. No on wants to listen to an artist that don’t sound emotional or connected to their words that same distance you feel while singing will be the same distance we’ll feel when listening. It’s absolutely amazing when someone is singing a song that they wrote and you can literally feel the emotion in their voice it’s beautiful. You can write a song on any emotion, but it’s good to go with what you’re feeling at that particular moment. Don’t force your self to write it’ll come when it come.

Once you get in a rhythm of writing good songs, you’ll know when it’s time to release and write a new song. Writing lyrics take time a practice don’t rush your self to write 5 full 3 minute songs in 2 days, because it just may not happen that way.Start one song at a time. Be real in your writing, and only write about what you’re comfortable with because someone may ask you what’s the story behind this song? and you should want to answer honestly.

Some people find it easier to write the course first some people don’t. Stay honest with your safe only you know what your message is behind your music, so just go for it.


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