How to prevent accidents with babies in the home

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When they begin to crawl or to take their first steps, the house becomes a fascinating world that the children need to explore. Everything draws their attention: from the switch of the television and the controls of the washing machine to the handles of the drawers and the toilet seats.  Discovering their surroundings is a prerogative for children; but these surely depend on a series of absolutely essential measures, since the home is the place where the majority of the infantile accidents occur.

Basic norms

– The plugs with earthen wares are safe– In any case, it is necessary to cover them with plastic protectors. In the market there are models that make it difficult for children to unplug with ease.

– To eliminate the access to windows– never put chairs or furniture too close to the window panes, because kids might climb on them and fall out of the windows. Better still, if it is possible, you can block their opening.

– In the balconies, the railings must be high and the distance between the bars very short.

–  keep away the sewing and tool boxes out of children’s reach.

– protect the corners of the furniture especially and those of the crystal tables with quilted protectors

–  Place nonskid underneath the carpets

–  make sure that the toys are adapted for the age of the child and do not contain small pieces which they can swallow and choke on.

– To avoid that the children stick and injure their fingers with the doors, exist in the market, door protectors that prevents the door from closing completely.

– don’t leave small batteries, burners or matches in eyeshot of the children, or either small objects like coins or buttons which can be taken to the mouth.

– With plastic bags also it is necessary to take precautions. The small children can asphyxiate themselves if they put their head in them. Please keep away from their sight

– Dangerous products such as, medicines of all kinds, must be outside their reach, in closets, under lock and key.

– To try not to take medicines in front of children (they have the tendency to imitate adults) and in no occasion should you tell them it is sweets or candy, (for example, even when you want to convince them to take it when they are ill).

In the kitchen

–  Never leave children alone in the kitchen when cooking or when the oven is ignited.

– The oven is better in a high place, if it is not then, it is necessary to avoid children coming close to it.

– why frying ,make sure that the  handles of frying pans and casseroles always are facing  inwards, so that they do not extend outwards ,that kids might pull at them and get burnt .  In the market they exist in addition protective for kitchen fires.

– Sharp Knives, scissors and other utensils must be outside the reach of children

– The cleaning products (detergents, bleaches, chemicals and soaps) should be kept in a high closet instead of underneath the sink.

– In the market there are also protectors for refrigerators, to avoid easy opening by the children

– The door of the washing machine must always be closed when not in operation.

– The pressing iron, even when not connected, must always be outside the reach of the children

In the bath

– The falls or injuries here can be serious due to the hardness of the toilets and the ground. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to make sure that the ground is always dry.

– At the head of the bathtub it is necessary to always place a nonskid carpet

– make sure that the temperature of the bath water is always suitable

– Never leave children alone in the bath: it is possible for a child to get drowned in little water too. For greater security a special chair for bathtubs can be used in the tubs.

– Never leave hanging around the basins, razor blades, shaving sticks, cosmetics, scissors, etc

– The small electro domestics (hair dryer, hair,) should never be left connected after use and not even kept near the bathtub or the washbasin

– The toilet is another pole of attraction for the children, but also it can be a center of infections. In order to avoid them opening it you can install a simple safety clip which you can get in specialized stores.

– When the toilet is cleaned, it is necessary to avoid kids coming close to it. The cleaning products give off toxic steam, for that reason when finalizing it is necessary to flush again to clarify well.

– The bath is not the best place for the medicine kit due to the humidity, but if it is placed there, it must be inaccessible to kids and must be under lock.

In the garden

– If there is a swimming pool, never leave the children without monitoring them. In order to avoid accidents a security fence can be installed. It is necessary to be especially aware of the risks that involved in the water purifier, the filters and the falls near the curb

– The cork sleeves or bubbles are safer than the floaters for the children who do not know how to swim. With the floaters the child might turn face down and be submerged under water.

– Whenever the gardening tools are used, it is necessary to make sure you return them to a place that must be inaccessible to the children

– The insecticides; fertilizers, installments and the chlorine for the swimming pool must be stored in a safe place.

– It is necessary to consider that some plants are toxic and their fruits, mostly those with red colors, might be very poisonous.


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