Quick steps in lipstick application

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The subject of lipstick application can really not be overemphasized nor its importance in the daily make up routine of  most women around the world; young, old,rich,poor,black,white,Latino,mulatto,women of all races ,color and class.

Before you buy a lipstick, it is advisable to test it out first. This you can do, by applying it to the padded tips of your finger tips or on your wrist. In this way you would know if it is really the tone or shade you want, because many lipsticks of the same color can have so many different shades.

Applying the lipstick should d be the last make-up exercise. First outline your lips in color with a fine brush. Make your lip color appear fuller by dabbing a bit of creamy beige-eye shadow on the middle of your lower lip.

Lip glosses give added sheen to the lips, and could either be applied directly on the lips, for a natural look or on top of the main lipstick for an added sexy look.

Lots of lipsticks now contain moisturizers, which gives a glow to the lips and protect them from chapping and flaking.

Below are some easy steps for lipstick application:

Step 1: to reduce lips, pencil inside natural line, using two tones or shades of lipstick

Step 2: outline with red and fill in pale, glossy lipstick.

Step 3: a gloss over your regular lipstick gives a shinny moist appeal to your lips

Step 4: for lustier lips, outline outside lip line with brown, then fill in with choice of lipstick

Step 5: for a cleaner edge, outline with a lip brush and fill in with the same color

Step 6: reshape your lips with a pink lip pencil or a brown eyebrow pencil for a fuller top lip. Make a new line outside the lip and fill in with lipstick of your choice.

Step 7: draw a fine line just inside your natural line .fill in the new shape with lipstick.

Step 8: if your lips are unevenly shaped, with a lip pencil, reshape the edge, to balance the good side, and fill in only the new change with lipstick.

NOTE: For smoother looking lips, before applying your lipstick, you can scrub your lips with granulated sugar, or better peel off scaly dead skin, with a toothbrush. This can easily be done by applying a little petroleum jelly or Vaseline to your lips and brush it lightly with you toothbrush. You would be surprised at the result.


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