How to Induce Labor

First of all, inducing labor prematurely is not a good thing to do. The old saying most women grow to know and hate – ‘babies will come on their own schedule’ – does contain some truth. Some women, even though they are ready to literally pop at 38 weeks, might have to wait another week before the baby will start to descend.

There are in essence two main schools of thought for how to induce labor – using drugs, or using only natural methods. We will discuss  just these natural methods here because women have more choices that way, and can try more things out.

Relax! – Many women might get stressed or worry too much if they aren’t having contractions yet. This is a frequent problem, but it can be counterproductive to worry about it.  Your body will not start contractions if you are feeling stressed out or really upset. If you’re worried about learning how to induce labor, don’t forget to take a deep breath and relax – this will be over soon. How about a hot shower or watching a favorite movie? Otherwise try doing some of you favorite activities.

Eat Fruit – Pineapples and mangos are healthy food on their own, but eating them may help your cervix ripen. Scientists have found numerous enzymes in these fruits are useful for assisting in the ripening of your cervix.

Sex – There are a number of ways sex can induce labor. Semen contains prostaglandins – chemicals that are cervical ripeners. Female orgasms have been known to produce contractions in pregnant women. Also, the emotional benefits of sex with your husband can relax you, which can help induce labor. It might sound like a hassle if you’re not feeling in the mood for sex.  For those wanting to know how to induce labor, this is the most fun way.

Acupressure – Could you actually induce labor just by applying pressure some places on your body? Surprisingly, over 3/4 of women who are ready to go into labor can start by using a technique known as Acupressure to induce labor. This is something to try since it often works and can reduce pain during childbirth.

There are definitely common elements in all these ways women learn on how to induce labor. They are all trying to achieve similar goals – to get your body into contractions and get your baby to descend down the birth canal safely and efficiently. Chemical methods, be they medical or natural, act in a very similar mechanism. Other methods will help ripen your cervix and to assist in doing anything else needed to push your body into labor.

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